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How does this work

"Accent" a few strokes

The main idea

  • creation of electronic media (e-media) education (faculty, department, etc.);
  • creating electronic classrooms teachers (e-CR);
  • Web-library EER - textbooks, manuals, dictionaries, manuals, presentations, development of lessons and themes and more.
  • urgent need for the country as a means of learning (especially in the VET system and GEI);
  • urgent need for the development of distance learning and more.


"Accent" is different from most learning management systems that ensure functioning as a single integrated system:

  • electronic repository of educational resources (EER) - Web-library in the form of textbooks, manuals, dictionaries, manuals, presentations, teaching materials to support school and extracurricular activities and more;
  • e-environment of the institution, which provides support for basic management functions educational process in conditions different organizational forms of it: class-task, distance, groups of project activities;
  • network е-CR.


  • fully utilized domestic software product that does not require their use for any specific resources that are non-residents of Ukraine;
  • user provided a means of creating EER and their library (repository), the content of which involved university professors and teachers all over Ukraine, that content libraries are both certified materials for educational purposes and authoring, evaluated and recommended for local use expert community that is created by means of ACCENT with the teaching community.


  • for pupils and students: clear, easy access to innovative learning tools; communication with the teacher in personal electronic classrooms; Web-library; communication in groups;
  • for teachers: personal electronic classrooms; Web-library; accessible, understandable tools for organizing and conducting distance learning;
  • for educational institutions: own electronic educational space; providing continuity and support in learning; motivation of today's youth to acquire knowledge on the use of innovative techniques, forms and means of education.
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